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Lin­da Ike­ji Might Be Walk­ing Down The Aisle Soon As She is Said to Be Report­ed­ly Engaged

Mil­lion­aire blog­ger, Lin­da Ike­ji might be walk­ing down the aisle this year after find­ing love in the hands of an ex-lover who just returned from abroad. 
Lin­da Ike­ji

Lin­da Ike­ji who recent­ly splashed a whop­ping sum of N30 mil­lion on an exot­ic car as a gift for her younger sis­ter, San­dra is get­ting mar­ried soon.
Accord­ing to a very reli­able source, Big Sam of Broad­wayTV, Lin­da Ike­ji’s hus­band-to-be used to be her ex-boyfriend.
He was based abroad before he final­ly moved back to Nige­ria. The two recon­nect­ed again and picked up from where they stopped.
There were rumours Lin­da Ike­ji was engaged ear­li­er this year. Lin­da would lat­er shut the rumours down by post­ing a pho­to of her ring fin­ger and said:
“Ring fin­ger still bare. . The pres­sure to marry…Lol. It will happen..it just hasn’t. ”
The sto­ry then too was that the 37 year-old media mogul was keep­ing her engage­ment news under wraps but her would-be hus­band was too excit­ed to keep it a secret, and that the prepa­ra­tions for the wed­ding was already on the way.
Lin­da has also admit­ted that she’s under “intense pres­sure” to find a hus­band. At a point, she said she was fed up of being con­stant­ly prod­ded by “fam­i­ly and friends” to get mar­ried.
A source, who is a very close friend to the renowned blog­ger, says this time, Lin­da’s engage­ment is so true.

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