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Liv­ing Faith Mem­ber Cheats Death After Attack from Rit­u­al­ist — Full Sto­ry

God over every­thing, a liv­ing faith mem­ber nar­rat­ed how she sur­vived attacks by rit­u­al­ist who want­ed to kill her for rit­u­als.

Accord­ing to an online report, the young lady by name Letu­ra Saag­we who resides at Mara­ba area was on her way back from com­mu­nion ser­vice when the dread­ful event occurred.

Mon­day, the 14th of Jan­u­ary, 2019 is a day I will nev­er for­get in my life and one I will for­ev­er give glo­ry to God. After the Com­mu­nion Ser­vice on Mon­day, a broth­er gave me lift to Maita­ma junc­tion where I can eas­i­ly get a car to Mara­ba where I live. Myself and a lady whom I met stand­ing there, board­ed a vehi­cle and unknown to us, the four guys in the car were rit­u­al­ists.

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Imme­di­ate­ly the car took off, the guy at the front seat told us that they were kid­nap­pers and they were going to use us for sac­ri­fice, he brought out a white sub­stance and blew on our faces and imme­di­ate­ly the oth­er lady passed out, but because I am too defend­ed to be a vic­tim, the charm did not have effect on me, the God of Domin­ion neu­tral­ized it.

Imme­di­ate­ly I began to pray and declared that I have domin­ion and as such, I can not die. I remind­ed God of the covenant I have with Him and the prophe­cies of His ser­vant in the house, Pas­tor Chris Abra­ham. And while I was pray­ing, they were busy behead­ing the oth­er lady and cut­ting off the vital parts which they need­ed from her. I remem­ber I had a man­tle in my bag and as I tried to remove it they col­lect­ed the bag from me. They searched it and took my phones and ATM cards, they asked me if I had mon­ey in the cards and I said yes, they brought out POS and began to make with­drawals. After the with­draw­al, the dri­ver ordered one of them to stran­gle me, brethren, they did every­thing pos­si­ble to kill me but to no avail because my God was on duty.


When they became frus­trat­ed, they brought out knives and iron and start­ed hit­ting me all over, they began to stab me all over with dag­gers but to no avail, one of them brought out a gun and shot at me twice but like my father Pas­tor Chris will say, God has built around me an impen­e­tra­ble wall of defence.

They start­ed shout­ing and ask­ing me where I was hid­ing the charm they thought I was using and one of them point­ed at my domin­ion hand band and said that’s the charm she was using. They began to pull the hand band  but the pow­er was too much for them, they could not remove it. Out of anger and frus­tra­tion, they tore my clothes and one of them attempt­ed to have a car­nal knowl­edge of me but the oth­ers refused him and said that wasn’t their mis­sion and so he left me.

I was asked if I knew where I was and I said no, and they told me I was at Kaduna road and they asked if I knew my way back and I said no. They there­by drove back all the way and dropped me off at Wuse Zone 3 by the road side. I checked my bag and dis­cov­ered that my tablet phone was not tak­en and with that I was able to make calls and that was how I was rushed to the hos­pi­tal.

I have come like that one lep­er to return all glo­ry , hon­our and ado­ra­tion to the God of Domin­ion.

Thank you Jesus Hal­lelu­jah”


Mis­takes are path­ways to great­ness, i feel this daugh­ter of zion was saved so the name of God can be glo­ri­fied and also as a les­son for oth­ers to learn con­sid­er­ing the world we live in cur­rent­ly.

I wish to advice young peo­ple out there most­ly espe­cial­ly our sis­ters who are more vul­ner­a­ble, attend­ing late night Church meet­ings is not bad at all, but when you real­ized it’s too late to go home, or the church loca­tion is far from where you stay,  you can sleep over at the Church then go home in the morn­ing.

This is far bet­ter than risk­ing your life dur­ing dark hours.

By Abel Wealth

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