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Love 360 — S8x is Food, This is Why, A must read…

S8x is not all about mak­ing chil­dren. You must be a dif­fer­ent woman to your hus­band every time. Seduce your hus­band, don’t always allow your hus­band to ask for S8x, there must be no timetable for s8x. Be cre­ative, don’t be pre­dictable. Give him what he wants. If you loose influ­ence over your hus­band, you have lost wom­an­hood. Be part of your hus­band plans.
Don’t have too many chil­dren, you wan­na sell them ? Allow your hus­band to check in and out any­time.

When a man is s8xually sat­is­fied, he is emo­tion­al­ly sta­ble. Stop say­ing, is it food ? Yes, S8x is food !

As a wife, try to invest in your­self spir­i­tu­al­ly so you can ade­quate­ly sup­port him. Build your­self as his prayer war­rior so that you will not be forced to pray at the end of your life. Don’t allow your hus­band to pro­vide all your needs, he is not a mon­ey mak­ing machine. Iron sharp­ens iron, try to rec­i­p­ro­cate.

You are meant to sup­port each oth­er spir­i­tu­al­ly, finan­cial­ly, phys­i­cal­ly and moral­ly through thick and thin. You are a builder….Wise woman buildeth her home. Women need wis­dom to build their homes. Do not be too out­spo­ken, know when to talk, when to lis­ten and when to be qui­et.

Love your hus­band with all your heart, nev­er tell him, if not because of my chil­dren, remem­ber you’ve known him before the arrival of those chil­dren.
Pam­per your hus­band, put his head on your chest and pray for him. Give him unan­nounced kiss from the back…. mwah­h­h­h­hh, don’t be too holy to kiss in the pub­lic. He is your hus­band for God sake. Be roman­tic joooo, it is good for the heart. Some peo­ple are not hap­py that you’re hap­py in that mar­riage, proof them wrong that you love him and he is your crown, always feel good when you hold him. Don’t look 50 while you’re still under 40, it dri­ves men crazy. Always keep fit regard­less of your age or body.

To men:

Do not take a woman who does all these for grant­ed!
Pam­per her, pray for her, cher­ish her, love her, sup­port her finan­cial­ly, make her feel like your woman! God bless you and your mar­riages.

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