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Man Fly on Air in Viral Pre-Wedding Photo – See More Mind Blowing Pre-wedding Photos

While we’re team pre-wedding pictures, there are some that just leave us confused… Like, what’s going on please? Some pre wedding pictures just leave us rolling on the floor and some just leave us really sad.

Check out these ones and let us know what you think:

1. Levitate?

His discomfort is our concern…

pre wedding pictures
(Photo: Zero Gravity Project)

2. Signs don’t lie

We hope the money in the ATM doesn’t ever finishes.

 pre wedding pictures
(Photo: Klala Photography)

3. Team Red

pre-wedding pictures
(Photo: Pulse)

4. Baby driver

Did the fuel finish?

ridiculous pre wedding pictures
(Photo:: Xposure)

These pre-wedding pictures got us laughing out loud. Finding an amazing location is a sure way of great pictures.

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