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Meet Abuja’s Extraordinary Barber – Masta Blade

Masta Blade

Faruk Abdulrahaman popularly known as Masta Blade is a professional celebrity barber, whose brand has made headlines in recent time. He is an Abuja born, from Edo State of Nigeria and a graduate of computer science from Federal Polytechnic Bida, Nigeria.

Growing up in kubwa satellite town of Abuja, Faruk made fame from crafting unique haircuts for footballers and musicians. Just recently, UpTown Barbers which Masta Blade is affiliated to hosted Abuja’s finest rapper, ‘Terry the Rapman’.

Terry the Rapman

One outstanding fact about Faruk is his heart for humanity and passion for excellence.

Being a philanthropist and humanitarian, Faruk  a.k.a  Masta Blades organized a charity barbering section for the less privilege as his way of celebrating the Salah festive period.

Also, the young celebrity barber is working on having a barbing school within the FCT and host more charity haircuts.

Here is a YouTube video of the event which is trending online.

I am organizing a charity hair cut which would come up regularly, every IDP camps within FCT and environs will benefit from it including the people residing in Kubwa. With time, the project will span out to other states within the federation.  Coming from a struggling background and always having a motivation to give back to the society is the reason why i strive hard to remain on the spotlight.

Furthermore, I plan on establishing a barbing school where students would be given scholarships to learn the art of barbing.

Masta Blade has worked with celebrities both local and big names like: Umar Aminu who scored 2 goals in the olympics for Nigeria and currently playing for Turkey, Terry the Rapman,  Lanoroy, winner of king of sounds organized by Master Craft, Yung Slic, DJ Yung G, DJ Burna, DJ Muff and many others.

Masta Blade giving Super Eagel Footballer Umar Aminu an Exclusive Haircut
Masta Blade crafting Lanoroy, winner of king of sounds organized by Master Craft
Masta Blade working on DJ Young G

According to him, “my passion is to beautify people and that’s what I love doing, i started crafting unique haircuts from 2012 officially, i served under Akim who thought me well.

At Uptown Barbers, we do things that go beyond clipper blades, we craft using other apparatus like mini knives, cutting combs and scissors. My style and uniqueness makes me standout, no matter how your hair looks, once I touch it, it becomes beautiful, no doubts.

One thing about me is that i hate copycat, all the hair craft style I do comes originally from me. I am the first person that brought write-up barbing to kubwa Abuja.

What motivates me are Prayers, Consistency and responsibility.

Advice to the youths

Stick to what you do that gives growth, also channel your energy to pursue one goal at a time.

Advice to the Government

Create more platforms for people that will help others grow and empower entrepreneurs to establish businesses.

He is indeed the ‘master of all blades.’

follow him on:

Image result for facebook icon thumbnail @mastablade

Image result for instagram icon thumbnail @masta_blade

Here are some photos from the Charity Barbing organized by Masta Blade

More crafts from Masta Blade

DJ Burna


Masta Blade and crew members

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