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Meet Angel­i­ca, Pret­ty Female Dancer who Has­n’t Shaved Her Armpit in 6 Months.

Shav­ing pubic hair have become a tra­di­tion, most espe­cial­ly for females. Ladies often take plea­sure in hair-removal band­wag­on. The aver­age woman shaves once a week, while oth­ers who are not too hairy do it once in two weeks, but not in the case of pret­ty Mex­i­can dancer Angel­i­ca.

Angel­i­ca has­n’t shaved in six months and it does­n’t seems to both­er her. She proud­ly flaunts her armpit on her Insta­gram han­dle. The dancer who is hap­pi­ly mar­ried says her man likes her dark grown hair and often plays with it.

When you think about it, pubic hair is one of those things that unites all of human­i­ty. Vir­tu­al­ly every­one has it, or will have it, it depends on indi­vid­ual depo­si­tion, many shave reg­u­lar­ly while oth­ers like Angel­i­ca prefers flaunt­ing it like a trea­sure.

How do you like yours?

Clean Shaved or Bushy?

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