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Mobil­i­ty with Atti­tude (MWA) — Renault’s EZ-GO envi­sions walk-on, walk-off urban EV mobil­i­ty

Renault’s EZ-GO is less con­cept car than a full trans­porta­tion ser­vice con­cept design. The vehi­cle revealed at the Gene­va Motor Show this week is a ful­ly autonomous elec­tric car that can’t trav­el fast, but that does fit as many as six pas­sen­gers through a big, almost garage-like door that opens up to load peo­ple and goods eas­i­ly.

The EZ-GO is designed for use in urban trans­porta­tion sce­nar­ios, get­ting peo­ple around smooth­ly while man­ag­ing the dri­ving itself. The con­cept car is designed to be able to nav­i­gate city spaces more effec­tive­ly with full four-wheel steer­ing, and it’s intend­ed to wrk on a shared ser­vice plat­form, through which you hail it to your loca­tion. You can also pick one up at des­ig­nat­ed sta­tions, so it’s a bit like a cross between an Uber and a bus.

Pas­sen­gers can actu­al­ly stand up inside the cab­in and walk out at full height thanks to the high-rise door, and there are win­dows all around giv­ing you a pret­ty unen­cum­bered view inside the car. It’s designed as a shared use asset, so the idea was to make it a com­mu­ni­ty vehi­cle in all regards.

Basi­cal­ly, the EZ-GO is a vision of what a trans­porta­tion sys­tem might look like in the future when urban res­i­dents are look­ing to fill in the gaps between pub­lic tran­sit, taxis, Ubers and per­son­al vehi­cles. The hope for the price point of rides in the car is to get it to above pub­lic tran­sit but well below pri­vate hire vehi­cles.

It’s def­i­nite­ly a pri­or­i­ty for cities to do more shared use vehi­cles, but get­ting there, and get­ting users com­fort­able with the idea, will still take some work. Renault still hopes to make this car a real­i­ty on roads by 2022, or some ver­sion that incor­po­rates the basic prin­ci­ples of the con­cept they showed today.

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