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Mobility with Attitude – This SUV costs $3.5 million and yes, it’s bulletproof

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The Karlmann King looks like a Batmobilecousin. A luxury Batmobile filled with everything you need for a lifestyle of the rich and famous road trip. Underneath, you find the bones of a Ford Super Duty. Based on the size, the F-450 seems likely. Power comes from Ford’s tried and true Triton V10. The best part is the price: roughly $3.5 million.
Transcript: Let’s just get this out of the way. This vehicle costs $3.5 million. This is the Karlmann King. It was created in Europe by a design team for luxury enthusiasts.

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The design is unconventional using stealth fighter characteristics. Wrapped in carbon fiber and steel, its starting weight is a massive 9,920 lbs. It takes a Ford Triton 6.8L V10 to hit its 87 MPH top speed.
Inside… Well, just look at it – Front and Rear Independent AC – Coffee Machine – InteriorNeon Lights – Yep, that’s an IWC clock – SOS Emergency Control – Retractable Table – Air Purifier – 4K TV – Private Safes – PlayStation 4.

The Karlmann King can be made bulletproofbringing the weight to 13,227 LBS. Mock it all you want, you know you’d love to ride in one.

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