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Mobiliy with Atti­tude (MWA) — Which one is the most advanced com­pa­ny, Mer­cedes Benz, BMW or Audi?

Demostene Neac­siu
Exhaust Sys­tem Design Engi­neer atMer­cedes AMG Petronas (2018-present)

42w ago

Depends on what you ask because Audi has the Quat­tro, Mer­cedes has AMG and BMW copies every­thing. So I will be com­par­ing Mer­cedes and Audi as BMW doesn’t real­ly inno­vate.

AMG and Mer­cedes:

AMG is the first com­er­cial car to use a “Hot V” con­fig­u­ra­tion for the Tur­bos, which came because of F1, this “Hot V” con­fig­u­ra­tions gave Mer­cedes 3 dom­i­nant cham­pi­onships in F1 *This is also used on all Mer­cedes-AMG Race Cars

Mer­cedes is the first com­pa­ny to mass pro­duce a vehi­cle with Por­tal Axles (G‑Class 4x4 Squared)

Audi has arguably the best AWD sys­tem on the mar­ket.

Audi has won most of the past 10 years at Le Mans with the R pro­to­types

Both com­pa­nies have a big motor­sport rep­utan­tion (DTM, F1, WEC)

So I would say in the pow­er train point of view they are pret­ty equal, even tough Mer­cedes engines are known to be more reli­able, on the pow­er font, they are pret­ty sim­i­lar (ex:RS7 and E63S)

Jack Bar­rett

41w ago

All of them are great cars, if you’re look­ing for sheer lux­u­ry go for Mer­cedes, if you’re look­ing for a great dri­ving expe­ri­ence, go for BMW, but if you want some­thing in between all of that, you’ll want an Audi. Audi has always been inno­vat­ing in its tech, such as the option­al vir­tu­al cock­pit, and yes I know that BMW, Mer­cedes and even VW have them aswell, but none are as crisp and easy to use as Aud­is. Maybe per­haps the one thing that lets it down would be styling, aud­is are always neat, tidy and organ­ised. Some would say it’s bor­ing, but I for one tend to like it. How­ev­er you can’t com­plain about the inte­ri­or design, the qual­i­ty indeed is just a cut above the com­pe­ti­tion. One final thing, Audi is real­ly up there with Vol­vo or even ahead when it comes to safe­ty.

stud­ied at MGMK Eng­lish Medi­um School

34w ago

It’s quite unfair to com­pare these three leg­endary car mak­ers because they have their own lega­cy benz main­tain luxury(Maybach series) while BMW is meant for high safe­ty vehicle(5 series) and Audi has excel­lent per­for­mance in high speed cars (R8,R6)

So we can’t actu­al­ly dis­tin­guish these three it depends on the need of buy­er!.

Esh­war Eshu
works at Stu­dents

42w ago

Christo­pher Goin
Auto­mo­tive, Heavy Truck, and Heavy Equip­ment Mechan­ic (2007-present)

42w ago

Indi­vid­u­al­ly? I’d vote MB. If you bring in the engi­neer­ing pow­er­house that is the entire­ty of the Volk­swag­on-Audi fam­i­ly, Audi might have the edge. It is a close race though.

BMW is great, but I haven’t seen quite as much raw inno­va­tion. Maybe I just haven’t been exposed to it.

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