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Mus­lim mil­lion­aire who gave all his mon­ey to char­i­ty dies from can­cer

A young tycoon who gave away his for­tune to great moti­va­tions sub­se­quent to being deter­mined to have dis­ease has kicked the buck­et, matured 32. Aus­tralian spe­cial­ist Ali Banat was known for his extrav­a­gant way of life yet chose to uti­lize his cash for good sub­se­quent to being ana­lyzed three years back.

Banat, who wound up acquaint­ed with sports autos was at first giv­en sev­en months to live yet made due for over two years longer than antic­i­pat­ed. Ali, a youth­fulMus­lim man from Greenacre, Syd­ney, jet­ti­soned his fash­ioner prod­ucts and sold his orga­ni­za­tion before mak­ing a bee­line for Togo, Africa where he con­struct­ed a Masjid – a Mus­lim place of love – and also a school for near­by kids.

My brazen young men moved into bed with me and rest­ed… be that as it may, they nev­er woke up’

He prof­it­ed from his secu­ri­ty and elec­tri­cal orga­ni­za­tion and in his viral Gift­ed With Can­cer video, he flaunt­ed his Louis Vuit­ton shoes and a Fer­rari Spi­der worth £339,000 ($600,00AUD).

In a now pop­u­lar video called Gift­ed With Can­cer, Ali por­trayed his find­ing as a “bless­ing” as it gave him the “oppor­tu­ni­ty to change”.

He stat­ed: “When you dis­cov­er you’re wiped out or you don’t have much time to live, this is the exact oppo­site thing you need to pur­sue. Also, that is the means by which we should expe­ri­ence our lives ordi­nary.”

After his trek to Togo he set up a phil­an­thropy called Mus­lims Around The World (MATW) whose point was to “give mon­ey relat­ed help and effort to those in require”.

Ali need­ed to uti­lize 100% of the cash raised to con­struct a town which will be home to more than 200 dowa­gers, a school to house 600 vagrants and a small­er than usu­al heal­ing cen­ter or restora­tive focus to help the neigh­bor­hood group.

His devo­tees have giv­en to MATW in the wake of Ali’s demise and they have right now raised £736,000 ($1.3million AUD) with gifts as yet com­ing in. In anoth­er video which he shared in no time before his pass­ing, Ali request­ed that indi­vid­u­als pro­ceed with his work.

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