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My mama’s gon’ call me for rock­ing this out­fit — Simi

Simi yes­ter­day, stepped out in a dar­ing ankara ensem­ble that showed of a lit­tle bit of her chest area, adding that the out­fit was going to elic­it a call from her mum.

She cap­tioned the pho­to: “My mama’s gon’ call me in 5…4…3…2…😩.. Out­fit Designed/Styled by @kie_kie__ 💙”

Pop­u­lar singer, Simi has expressed her dis­ap­proval of a com­ment by pop­u­lar fash­ion design­er, Toyin Lawani where she said men were enti­tled to 10 women and must not be cas­ti­gat­ed for cheat­ing.

Toyin had in her con­tro­ver­sial Fathers Day post shared on Insta­gram that men are nat­ur­al cheats and are thus enti­tled to 10 women, a state­ment which has not gone down well with many ladies on social media.

She also lam­bast­ed oth­er women for insult­ing their baby dad­dies on social media and also claim­ing to be both the father and moth­er in their children’s lives.

How­ev­er, Simi coun­ter­ing Toyin said if a man cheats con­stant­ly, he is an ani­mal.

She went fur­ther to cau­tion Nige­ri­ans against nor­mal­iz­ing infi­deli­ty in an African man.

On her Insta­gram page, she wrote, “This nar­ra­tive that all men are cheats get on my nerves because it’s real­ly bull­shit, but you see, that’s not even my prob­lem with this.

If you don’t hold a man that is with you to a stan­dard, then why should he hold him­self to one and vice ver­sa. There are good men and women that choose to do the right thing unless your part­ner is an ani­mal, he or she can­not do the right thing.

Stop nor­mal­is­ing infi­deli­ty, espe­cial­ly for men if you con­tin­u­ous­ly allow any­one to dis­re­spect you when you accept it as the norm, they will con­tin­ue to dis­re­spect you.

Val­ue is not a for­eign thing, we need to quit it with the bull­shit men­tal­i­ty that African men must cheat. Val­ue your­self.”

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