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My Pas­tor Thought Me How to Drink Alco­hol & He Used Me Sev­er­al Times

” This Report is Uncon­firmed”

He showed me how Con­dom Looked Like — Under­age Girl accused Win­ners Chapel Pas­tor

He was the First per­son to show me how con­dom looked like. He taught me how to drink alco­hol. He slept with me many times includ­ing in our house when my par­ents are not at home”

An under­age girl has accused the res­i­dent Pas­tor of the Amag­ba branch of the Liv­ing Faith Church a.k.a Win­ners Chapel, Benin city. Pas­tor Kings­ley Eme­ka Mok­wun­ye, of intro­duc­ing her to alco­hol and repeat­ed­ly hav­ing sex with her even in her father’s house.

Speak­ing in tears, the vic­tim whose name was with­held by the police, said her affair with her pas­tor began in Sep­tem­ber last year short­ly after she fin­ished her sec­ondary edu­ca­tion.

“He used to call me to advise me to stay away from boys, to live a good life and always respect my par­ents. I took it like he was my own father that I could trust and tell him any­thing I want to say.”

That was how he start­ed call­ing me, talk­ing to me till it got to a time he told me that he likes me. I took it as a nor­mal thing. He start­ed tak­ing advan­tage of me. He tells me I do not know what he is doing for me. He start­ed show­ing me things I have not seen before and took me to places I have nev­er been to. That was how it start­ed. He was the first per­son to show me how con­dom looked like. He taught me how to take alco­hol. He told me not to tell my par­ents. He said they will under­stand what he is doing. He slept with me many times includ­ing our house when my par­ents are not at home.”

Think­ing about the thing has affect­ed me edu­ca­tion­al­ly. I could not read. The whole thing was dis­turb­ing me. When I told his wife, she said I was lying and told me to come to their house and repeat it before her hus­band. I want Pas­tor Kings­ley to go to jail. I was always shocked any­time I am in church and see him preach­ing. I was afraid of telling my moth­er what was hap­pen­ing”.

This sto­ry has not been con­firmed yet, but we’ll do some dig­ging and get to the truth of the mat­ter. Stick around.

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