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Ney­mar admits act­ing dur­ing the World Cup


Brazil­lian Super­star Ney­mar has final­ly admit­ted that he exag­ger­at­ed most of his reac­tions dur­ing the World­cup that took place in Rus­sia.

In a spon­sored adver­to­r­i­al that was aired nation­al­ly in sev­er­al Brazil­lian net­works on Sun­day, Ney­mar vow to fight on and promised to be a new man

You may think I exag­ger­ate. And some­times I do exag­ger­ate. But the truth is I suf­fer on the pitch,”  he revealed in the spon­sored adver­to­r­i­al.

He dis­closed that his foot­ball style was like a boy who was akin to some­times charms the world and some­times irri­tates the whole world.

I fight to keep that boy alive inside of me, but not on the pitch,” Ney­mar stat­ed

You may think I fall too much,” Ney­mar con­tin­ued. “But the truth is I did not fall. I fell apart, that hurts more than any step on an oper­at­ed ankle.

I took long to accept your crit­i­cism. I took long to look at myself in the mir­ror and become a new man, I fell, but only who falls can pick him­self up.

You can keep cast­ing stones. Or throw these stones away and help me stand. When I stand, all of Brazil stands with me,” he added

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