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Nigerian Lady Condemned to Death for Drug Trafficking Gains Freedom

Zainab with Nigerian Consulate officials in Jeddah just shortly after she was freed from a Saudi prison

A Nigerian Muslim lady who was detained by Saudi Arabian authorities over alleged drug trafficking has been rescued by Nigerian Government after three weeks in jail over a crime she never committed.

Zainab Aliyu’s story is a sad one, according to source, she was whisked away from her hotels room by operatives of Saudi Arabia after a luggage suspected to belong to her was later confirm to contain drugs.

Zainab traveled with her mother and elder sister for a visit to Saudi Arabia and was resting after the long voyage when she was arrested and detained by security operatives. It was later discovered after series of investigations in Nigeria that operatives at the Nigerian Airport sneaked a luggage containing drugs among her luggage in a bid to traffic the content overseas without her knowledge.  The reason for her arrest was because the said luggage containing the drugs was in her name.

Zainab’s arrest sparked series of protest as people called on Nigeria Government to act fast and prevent her execution for crimes perpetuated by others. It was also said that Zainab was not the only victim, that an old man was also arrested in connection with the sad incident.

The perpetrators of the dreaded act have been since arrested in Nigeria and will be made to face the full weight of the law. All thanks to the Government for swinging into action on time after a directive from President Muhammadu Buhari to ensure that Zainab returns back to the Country unharmed.

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