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Nigerian Lady Pulls Dangerous Stunt to Celebrate Graduation

Graduating from High Institution is a thing of joy and every parent want to see their children make it through the University, but what they wouldn’t want to see is their children pulling unnecessary celebration stunt that can jeopardize their future.

This female graduate of a Nigerian University (Name Withheld) choose to jeopardize her future by pulling this stunt alongside her colleague to celebrate graduation.

We don’t know how she got there, but she claimed to the top of her colleague’s shoulder and onto his hands, then she suspended herself on the air displaying her newly acquired result.

Wow, some would say what a bravery, come to think of the dangers this stunt can cause, what if she snaps and falls down, by the look of things obviously there are no life guard or materials that can contain such crash.

Even as spectators watch her, you can tell some were also afraid of what might happen, should something go wrong.

What do you make of this?

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