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Nige­ri­ans Con­sumes Over 3 bil­lion bot­tles of Beer Per Year — Who Drank It?


Mul­ti-mil­lion naira ques­tion!

Niger­ian Brew­eries record­ed sales of almost N300 bil­lion in 2018 while Guin­ness is expect­ed to record sales of N275 bil­lion.

Total­ing almost =N600 Bil­lion (About $3 bil­lion) which is about 3% of our GDP.

That is over 3 bil­lion bot­tles of beer, and when dis­trib­uted across 170 mil­lion peo­ple is about 200 bot­tles per per­son a year.

The point is that an aver­age Niger­ian is either a Chris­t­ian or a Mus­lim, both reli­gions enjoined adher­ents to avoid alco­hol, so who drank N600 bil­lion worth of alco­hol in one year?A coun­try with more church­es and mosques than any­where else on the con­ti­nent.

Please who drank it?

This is inter­est­ing because it exclud­ed sales from oth­er brew­eries, like para­ga, and oth­er assort­ed for­eign and local drinks like Ogogoro, Ogidi­ga, Regal, Ori­malu, Jedi, mon­key­tail, Palm wine, Don­go­yaro, Alo­mo, Agbara, Babyoku, Baji­natu, Lali­ga, Kere­wa, strik­er, etc.

If these are added, only God knows…!

Please answer this one mil­lion bucks ques­tion:

Who drank all these?

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