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Nol­ly­wood Los­es Anoth­er Actress in a Ghast­ly Motor Acci­dent

Very painful to the Nol­ly­wood indus­try, this time anoth­er upcom­ing actress of mark-vee Pro­duc­tion ower­ri, Imo state has died in a ghast­ly motor acci­dent.

Below is a write up from her fel­low Nol­ly­wood per­son and is cur­rent­ly trend­ing social media

Jen­nifer I can remem­ber when did a job togeth­er in mark-vee Pro­duc­tion ower­ri, unfor­tu­nate­ly we didn’t take pics togeth­er. Jen­nifer Uwak­we my heart was bro­ken when I heard about ur death today..

I couldn’t believe the news not until when I called Uncle P to con­firm ur death.

So jen­ny u died in cold blood, am very very sad.

Jen­ny u left us with­out say­ing good­bye .

I swear down jen­ny I will miss u to earth, Nol­ly­wood have lost anoth­er hero­ine ..

May ur gen­tle soul rest in peace ..

Mean­while you will recall that just a week ago there waa report that a Nol­ly­wood actress Udu­ak Akrah died in the bath­room.

Nollywood Loses Another Actress - More details
Nollywood Loses Another Actress - More details

We believe all is well with Nol­ly­wood.

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