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OMG!!! Niger­ian Woman Caught Smug­gling Cocaine In Her Wig

Anoth­er ‘banged up abroad’ sto­ry has tak­en place in Istan­bul (Turkey) when a 66-year-old Niger­ian woman was caught with over 1 kg cocaine in her wig. The police oper­a­tion was record­ed on cam­eras, and the moments were released in footage.

The 66-year-old Jose O. of Nige­ria was detect­ed to be a drug couri­er by the police, and she was mon­i­tored before being caught in a hotel in Istanbul’s Laleli neigh­bour­hood of Fatih dis­trict. An amount of 1 kg and 40 gram cocaine was found in her ‘wig’, and the police oper­a­tion was record­ed by a cam­era.
The old woman appeared in Istan­bul Cour­t­house before she was arrest­ed and sent to Bakirkoy Prison for Woman and Juve­niles.

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