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Pan­de­mo­ni­um’ After Strange Bird Alleged­ly Flies Into Hos­pi­tal & Turns to a Woman (VIDEO)

Chaos erupts inside hos­pi­tal as mys­te­ri­ous bird alleged­ly flies into the facil­i­ty and turns into woman

There is cur­rent­ly a height­ened debate about the exis­tence of witch­craft in this day and age, fol­low­ing a video in cir­cu­la­tion online which sows a seri­ous pan­de­mo­ni­um involv­ing both health work­ers and patients of a hos­pi­tal caused by a ‘witch’.

Accord­ing to a Face­book user, Den­nis Lar­bi who post­ed the video, the chaos erupt­ed after a mys­te­ri­ous bird flew into a hos­pi­tal in Togo and then turned into a woman.

The video shows a cer­tain woman stand­ing in-between hos­pi­tal beds, wrap­ping around her­self a white mate­r­i­al believed to be a design­er poly­thene bag.

Both the health work­ers and patients as well as their rel­a­tives are also seen gath­ered at one side shout­ing and hurl­ing all sorts of words at the woman in a cacoph­o­nous fash­ion, while film­ing her at the same time.

The woman is also seen attempt­ing to fight back by hurl­ing the ‘white design­er poly­thene bag’ at her ‘attack­ers’.

The video fell short of the entry of the said bird and its meta­mor­pho­sis into the woman in ques­tion.

It has since sparked a strong debate among some social media users after Den­nis Lar­bi post­ed it with a cap­tion: “A bird fell into the hos­pi­tal and changed into a woman in LOMETOGO I can’t believe this GOD.”

Some peo­ple have been express­ing dis­be­lief in the sto­ry, claim­ing witch­craft does not exist, while some few oth­ers hold the view that it could be true.

Watch the video below and form your own judge­ment:

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