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Par­ents Get in Here, This is Rea­sons Why Your Child Is Dumb

School Stu­dents

Seri­ous Tues­day

My child is 9 years old and he’s in SS1

The above state­ment is the rea­son why par­ents push their kids so much beyond their capa­bil­i­ties, mak­ing them to jump class­es, there­by not get­ting the ade­quate knowl­edge they are sup­posed to get at a par­tic­u­lar stage

School will soon resume by Sep­tem­ber and the dra­ma will start. You will see par­ents forc­ing their wards to class­es they are not qual­i­fied for, by rea­son of age all in a bid to make them fin­ish before their mates.

How can a par­ent take a 3 year old child to school and force the school author­i­ties to put her in nurs­ery 3?, A child that should be in nurs­ery 1, all because you want to boast to all and sundry that your child grad­u­at­ed from uni­ver­si­ty at the age of 15.

Every child has a par­tic­u­lar class he/she can assim­i­late aca­d­e­m­i­cal­ly depend­ing on his/her age. mak­ing that child jump from that class to a high­er class because you want him to fin­ish school on time will make that child hang. Allow the child to go through the class appro­pri­ate for his age so that he can be well ground­ed on the knowl­edge he needs at that age and for that stage.

Jump­ing class is not meant for every child, it is for chil­dren whose intel­li­gence quo­tient are far high­er than that of an aver­age chil­dren of their age(geniuses) and believe me, if need be, such sug­ges­tions always comes from their class teach­ers who may have prop­er­ly stud­ied and ascer­tained that the child should be pushed to a high­er class.

The prob­lem with us par­ents is com­pe­ti­tion. We want to intim­i­date oth­er par­ents that our wards are doing bet­ter than theirs. We fail to remem­ber that there’s no com­pe­ti­tion in Des­tiny. That a child left school ear­ly does­n’t mean he/she will be ahead of her equals in life and vice ver­sa.

Some fin­ished school on time but had delays in get­ting a job, some were for­tu­nate to land a good job imme­di­ate­ly after school but had delays in mar­riage. For anoth­er, it was­n’t mar­i­tal delay but delay in child bear­ing, so you see, rush­ing a child to jump class and fin­ish on time does­n’t mean rush­ing him into ful­fill­ing his des­tiny.

Allow a child to fol­low pro­ce­dures( due process), so he can be well ground­ed because in the end what will be, will be.

My name is Mma Eka , the truth you know will set you free, but it will first piss you off.

Abel Wealth (Copied)

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