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Pas­tor Alleged­ly Com­mands Runs Girls to Run out Naked in a Cru­sade (Pho­tos)

A pow­er­ful man of God alleged­ly com­mand­ed all runs girls to run out of the crowd in a cru­sade naked and it hap­pened. Accord­ing to a face­book user who share the pho­tos and wrote:

The man of God said and I quote ” Tonight it is fin­ish for all runs girls in this all night, I com­mand you where ever you are run out and naked”
Behold , the beau­ti­ful sis­ter by my side ran out and naked too.….
Lolz…See pho­tos.… They where all deliv­ered.

Here is a screen shot:

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