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Pho­tos: Girl Has ‘Twin’ Sis­ter Grow­ing From Her Chest

A teenag­er is final­ly get­ting med­ical help after liv­ing her entire life with two extra arms and fin­gers dan­gling from her chest.

Veron­i­ca Cominguez, 14, was born with the limbs and an oblong-shaped tor­so grow­ing from her chest in Ili­gan City, Philip­pines.

The extra parts — belong­ing to a par­a­sitic twin which did not devel­op prop­er­ly — have con­tin­ued to grow with her.

She even cleans her liv­ing ”twin” and cuts their fin­ger nails for them.

But Veron­i­ca is now final­ly set to live a nor­mal life after locals raised mon­ey and offi­cials organ­ised for her to fly to neigh­bour­ing Thai­land for an oper­a­tion.
Veron­i­ca said: ”When I was lit­tle, I thought it was just a foot. But as I grew up, it became big­ger

”It’s heavy, it lim­its my move­ment. It keeps swing­ing. My dress often gets wet.”

Veron­i­ca’s moth­er, Flo­ra Cominguez, said their fam­i­ly has a his­to­ry of twins.

She was not able to prop­er­ly see a doc­tor dur­ing her preg­nan­cy but said that she knew that it was twins. She even had a name for both of them

Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the oth­er baby did not ful­ly devel­op.

Flo­ra said that Veron­i­ca’s navel would always get wet because of the liq­uid that comes out of it. Some­times, the dis­charge has blood on it.
She added: ”The liq­uid that comes out of the open­ing smells bad, like human excre­tion.”

Accord­ing to Veron­i­ca’s doc­tor, the extra limbs can be removed through a sim­ple oper­a­tion.

Dr. Beda Espine­da, a pedi­atric sur­geon at the Philip­pine Chil­dren’s Med­ical Cen­ter who also han­dles the med­ical case of Veron­i­ca, said: ”Most of these cas­es can be removed. Because, usu­al­ly, the body struc­tures involved are not vital. Most of them are just attached to the skin or bones. For sur­geons, it is easy to remove.”

Veron­i­ca is now wait­ing to have her ”twin” who has become a par­a­site, removed as soon as pos­si­ble.
The local gov­ern­ment office in her vil­lage, which has her under its wel­fare care sys­tem, said she is due to fly to Thai­land in the com­ing weeks for the pro­ce­dure.

A spokesman from the Barangay coun­cil of Kabac­sanan said last Fri­day (27/07): ”It has been arranged for Veron­i­ca to have an oper­a­tion. and we hope that she will live a nor­mal, healthy life after this.

”Life has not been easy for her but she’s a very sen­si­ble, clever and mature girl. She’s a won­der­ful pupil. Every­one is very pleased for her that she can soon have an oper­a­tion.”

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