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Reactions Trials Cat with Eight Legs Spotted Mombasa

A cat with eight legs was allegedly spotted in Likoni, an incident that shocked and scared off residents.

“The cat had eight legs and it was very white,” said an eyewitness who expressed shock, saying she had never seen “something like that.”

The 2016 incident saw some residents take pictures from a far distance fearing to get close to the cat.

“The cat was a ‘jini’ who had been sent in form of a cat to haunt an enemy,” added another Likoni resident.

In September 2016, a video went viral on social media, showing a cat knocking on a door.

The video showed a white cat climbing two stairs up a staircase so as to reach the latch of a door that seemed locked. It systematically used the padlock to pound on the door just as how a human being can knock on a door.

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