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Recently Buhari Insulted them – Man Lash-out to Pastors Campaigning for President Muhummadu Buhari

A man took to his Facebook handle to lash out at pastors who were captured holding the posters of Nigerian present Muhammadu Buhari. The Facebook user was apparently angry at the pastors participating in politics and fasting for re-election of Muhammadu Buhari.

Here is what he wrote:

These are our religious leaders (Pastors) on Fasting & Prayer for MBuhari for # 2019 election .
Are they Supposed to be Partisan?
When you have mixed congregation supporting different candidates. What will your congregation take you for?
Shame on the Pastors we have today, nothing but wordly things are what you are after, only heaven knows what you preach. I will rather pray and read my bible in my house than coming to you because a considerable percentage of you have compromised.
Just recently President Buhari insulted them and told them to stay off Politics but long throat won’t let them be.
# myBibleAndI
# SayNo2wordlyPastors
# PastorsAreNotPoliticians

Do you think he went too far?

Here is a screenshot from Facebook

Reactions from users

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