On Dai­ly basis stu­dents across the globe get abuse on cam­pus for var­i­ous rea­sons, espe­cial­ly the female stu­dents who are more vul­ner­a­ble to these attacks.


Most of them are scared of report­ing such inci­dents to the school author­i­ty for prop­er action due to vic­tim­iza­tion and some­times colour dif­fer­ences (Racism). Well there is good news for such stu­dent, we have designed this page to han­dle such cas­es, stu­dent can report any case of abuse on cam­pus and we’ll take up such case with­in our net­work and ensure that jus­tice is served.


Kind­ly use the form bel­low to report any abuse. 

Sarah Sharpe

I was raped by a close friend

John­ny Lucas

I became the Cen­tre point of molesta­tion at a point, but DC helped me

Aman­da Fer­os

The school refused releas­ing my result even after meet­ing all oblig­a­tions 

Dobrin Lovik

They say i could­n’t join the bas­ket­ball team because i am black, thanks to DC 

Select the Abuse
Select the Abuse