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Restoration Party of Nigeria (RP) Picks Nsehe Nseobong as Presidential Candidate – VIDEO

Nsehe Nseobong

Restoration Party of Nigeria (RP) on Sunday 7th October, 2018 adopted Nsehe Nseobong as the presidential flag bearer of the great party in the upcoming general elections in Nigeria come 2019.

Speaking to newsmen, Nseobong solicited the intervention of young spirited Nigerians who share in the vision of restoring the lost glory of their fatherland to come out in mass and vote RP in all elections.

He also called on millions of Nigerian youths in various State of Nigeria to come forward and deliver Nigeria from recycled leaders.

According to him

I am asking for village men and women, enlightened men and women to come forward. It is time to restore Nigeria back to her glory.

Here is a trending video of Nseobong addressing newsmen



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