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Rihanna Shows off Her Endowned Chest in New Viral Photos as she Praises Makeup Artist Priscilla Ono

Rihanna matches her foundation to her shoulder
RiRi matches her foundation to her body – not her face (Picture: EPA)

When you have darker skin tones it can be disheartening trying to find a foundation to match your skin tone at the best of times, but Rihanna has found a secret way to make sure she’s always on point.

And no, it wasn’t just by launching her own make-up line so she didn’t have the stress of leaving empty-handed because nothing works on your melanin.

Rihanna’s make-up artist Priscilla Ono has spilled RiRi’s beauty secrets on how she gets the best shade of foundation – and it’s by putting it on her shoulder.

Rihanna’s own Fenty Beauty collection boasts 40 shades of foundation and the 30-year-old singer doesn’t just stick with one of them as her skin tone changes on a daily basis.
Priscilla told Harper’s Bazaar: ‘If your face is lighter than your body, match [foundation] to your body rather than your face.

‘[Look in the mirror and] put your shoulder to your cheek to see if it matches.

‘We do this all the time because [Rihanna’s] skin tone changes all the time. She gets tan really easily but she also lightens up really easily.’

Meanwhile, Priscilla recently praised her famous client as a ‘dream’ to work with.

She said: ‘It’s a make-up artist’s dream… it’s just a really amazing experience. It’s like hanging out with your girlfriends, painting your toes, rollers in your hair! It’s like that vibe.

‘When you’re with her all of that [fame] goes away and she’s just like your girlfriend, it’s one of the best feelings, really.’

Priscilla admitted that the Diamonds hitmaker is extremely accomplished in beauty, and she’s even picked up tips from her famous client.

She said: ‘She’s amazing at doing her own make-up; we call her a make-up artist in her own right.

‘I think that from working in this industry for so long she’s really perfected her face and she knows her face better than anyone.

‘So for me as a make-up artist, at the beginning it was intimidating, like “Wow she can do her own make-up so well”, but she’s actually taught me a few things along the way as well.’

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