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Rob­bers Rapped my New­ly Mar­ried Wife and I Haven’t Touched Her. Advice Me

A guy dat­ed a girl for 3yrs with­out s8x, even after their tra­di­tion­al mar­riage the girl did not still allow the guy to touch her. The wed­ding day was fixed and the day before the wed­ding, the guy still approached the girl but she turned him down again and begged him to wait till after the wed­ding, so he

At last the D‑day final­ly came and the guy was wait­ing patient­ly for the wed­ding to be over. At 6pm the newest cou­ple were final­ly in their hotel so the guy asked his wife to come to the bath­room with him. She said she was shy and couldn’t bath with him so the guy agreed. She went and took her bath first and after her bath she went to bed while her hus­band also went to take his bath.

When he fin­ished bathing he came out in his birth-suit to meet his wife who was already asleep, so he went to the bed and kissed her, she woke up and was pant­i­ng when she saw her hus­band in his glo­ry. He start­ed romanc­ing her but she start­ed cry­ing beg­ging him to wait till night­fall, He was already
on heat but he man­aged to con­trol him­self.

She asked him to wait so she can get some rest, that when she wakes up, he will do what ever he desires. He set­tles back dis­ap­point­ed. Around 9pm armed rob­bers broke into the hotel, they were 5 in num­bers. When they barged into the room, five of them took turns in rap­ing his wife after col­lect­ing their mon­ey, the first guy deflow­ered her.

He couldn’t bear it, he cried as he watched those heart­less men force them­selves into his wife at gun-point. They left her uncon­scious so she was rushed to the hos­pi­tal and when she regained her con­scious­ness her hus­band sent her pack­ing.

Now this sto­ry was sent in so we could advice this young man.

Did the guy do the right thing by send­ing her pack­ing? If you were the guy what will you do???

Feel free to air your opin­ion

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