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Roman Goddess Displays Chest Asset in New Photos to Celebrate Christmas

Roman Goddess

Roman Goddess continues to dominate Instagram while making men hallucinate with her massive boobs and voluptuous endowment. This time she shares tempting photos of herself wearing  what seems like a swimming suit which exposed her cleavage.

Roman is popular on Instagram with over 350k followers, mostly men, she is know to always post raunchy photos to please her followers.


For now she seems to be the most busty and curvy woman in Africa, after taking the crown from her predecessor Cossy Ojiakor. To confirm this, Cossy once joked about it in a chat.

“She carry front, she carry back, she get pass me o”.

Looking at Roman Goddess, you’ll think she did surgery to get it all, but she claims it’s natural and she will always be like this.

Her fans once accused her of plastic surgery, here is what she said:

“Do you think I have time to spend money on surgery,” she fired with a note of distaste in her voice, showing her anger  with the question of whether her boobs are real or not. “My boobs are very real.

I don’t need to convince you or anybody but I can tell you they are real. I was born this way and I will remain this way”

Roman also attracted the attention of American Rapper 50cent who called her backside a tank. She is currently promoting her brand ‘Romanliquors’ and engaged to a white guy.


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