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Shock­er — Niger­ian Youths Now Get High on Processed Urine – NDLEA

The(NDLEA) Nation­al Drug Law Enforce­ment Agency revealed what Niger­ian youths take to feel intox­i­cat­ed.

Head of Drug Reduc­tion of the NDLEA, She­hu Danko­lo, revealed in Anam­bra state that some Niger­ian youths now take processed urine to get high as some banned abused drugs is now expen­sive.

There are cer­tain drugs espe­cial­ly codeine cough syrup that the fed­er­al gov­ern­ment went had on them and closed down some of the com­pa­nies.

So, the cough syrup that was ini­tial­ly N250 per bot­tle, is now sold for N4,000.mThe same thing with tra­madol which was N50 but is now about N500.

Because the banned drugs are so scarce and cost­ly or entire­ly out of reach peo­ple try oth­er things.

There is a way they do process urine. They take it and become intox­i­cat­ed.”

They also put mag­gi in some ener­gy drinks to get high. Also they put a cer­tain sweet in half bot­tle of water which is cov­ered up and left for some days upon which when tak­en it makes them high.”

These are what we termed new ‘psy­choac­tive sub­stances’. That is the main rea­son drug abuse is dif­fi­cult to tack­le.”

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