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Shocker – Nigerian Youths Now Get High on Processed Urine – NDLEA

The(NDLEA) National Drug Law Enforcement Agency revealed what Nigerian youths take to feel intoxicated.

Head of Drug Reduction of the NDLEA, Shehu Dankolo, revealed in Anambra state that some Nigerian youths now take processed urine to get high as some banned abused drugs is now expensive.

There are certain drugs especially codeine cough syrup that the federal government went had on them and closed down some of the companies.

So, the cough syrup that was initially N250 per bottle, is now sold for N4,000.mThe same thing with tramadol which was N50 but is now about N500.

Because the banned drugs are so scarce and costly or entirely out of reach people try other things.

“There is a way they do process urine. They take it and become intoxicated.”

“They also put maggi in some energy drinks to get high. Also they put a certain sweet in half bottle of water which is covered up and left for some days upon which when taken it makes them high.”

“These are what we termed new ‘psychoactive substances’. That is the main reason drug abuse is difficult to tackle.”

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