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Should Female Corp Mem­bers be Allowed to Wear this?

Grad­u­at­ing from school means a great achieve­ment to every­one, most espe­cial­ly in this part of the world where vir­tu­al­ly all aspect and deci­sions are sub­ject­ed to those edu­cat­ed. Com­pa­nies don’t hire except if you are edu­cat­ed regard­less of the fact that you might know the job bet­ter than those who went through school.


In recent times, the call for female corps mem­bers be allowed to wear kha­ki skirts rather than trousers has sparked wide spec­u­la­tion even as the rise in females sam­pling var­i­ous kha­ki skirt shows the essence, per­haps the gov­ern­ment might deem it fit to look into this.

Lydia hap­pens to be one of those female cru­saders who advo­cate that female corps mem­bers should be allowed to choose either to wear kha­ki skirts or trousers. More so, some reli­gious beliefs are against wear­ing of trousers by females which is seen as a sin.

So what hap­pens to those who have this believe?

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