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Should Female Corp Members be Allowed to Wear this?

Graduating from school means a great achievement to everyone, most especially in this part of the world where virtually all aspect and decisions are subjected to those educated. Companies don’t hire except if you are educated regardless of the fact that you might know the job better than those who went through school.


In recent times, the call for female corps members be allowed to wear khaki skirts rather than trousers has sparked wide speculation even as the rise in females sampling various khaki skirt shows the essence, perhaps the government might deem it fit to look into this.

Lydia happens to be one of those female crusaders who advocate that female corps members should be allowed to choose either to wear khaki skirts or trousers. More so, some religious beliefs are against wearing of trousers by females which is seen as a sin.

So what happens to those who have this believe?

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