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Teeth Whiten­ing In Easy Steps? You’ve Got To Try This At Home!

Teeth Whiten­ing removes stains and dis­col­oration­giv­ing a brighter (and pret­ti­er) smile. It can great­ly affect how well the teeth look, who doesn’t want a whiter set of teeth eh?

Teeth whiten­ing before now was a pure­ly cos­met­ic pro­ce­dure that’s done over a peri­od of time but in recent times, we’ve had cheap­er and safer alter­na­tives although it’s advised to make sure to keep den­tal hygiene a 100% and con­sult expert before get­ting cos­met­ic bright­en­ing done.
Cos­met­ic pro­ce­dure to get those sparklers are not cheap and not all the adver­tised whiten­ing kits work mag­ic but there are test­ed home reme­dies that work and we’re total­ly shar­ing the details with you.
If you’re sure you don’t have sen­si­tive teeth, then you’re safe to try. (If you notice any dis­com­fort or reaction/sensitivity after try­ing this dis­con­tin­ue imme­di­ate­ly)

Add 3–5 drops of hydro­gen per­ox­ide to a table­spoon of bak­ing soda, add water and mix to form a paste (check for con­sis­ten­cy, it shouldn’t be a lit­tle thick)Using a clean slight­ly damp tooth­brush (prefer­ably new with soft bris­tles) pick up the paste and apply to teeth, cov­er­ing each one.Leave the paste on the teeth for about 3–5 min­utes and brush your teeth with your every­day toothpaste.Rinse this off thor­ough­ly
Would you be try­ing out this rem­e­dy for a brighter smile? Share your expe­ri­ence with us
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