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What’s that?” I asked draw­ing clos­er to Luke who pulled out a tiny bot­tle from his side pock­et, I could­n’t tell exact­ly what it was as I had­n’t seen it before but it looked like the bot­tles I’d seen the nurs­es with in hos­pi­tals, the type from which they pulled liq­uid into syringes for inject­ing the convalescent.“You be jew man? No dey do like se u no sabi the thing, are you a learn­er?” He spat with red eyes bring­ing out a syringe & nee­dle.

Quick­ly he fixed the nee­dle on the bot­tle cap, pulled all the liq­uid into it and flexed his mus­cles, he stretched forth his arm, stiff­en­ing it and in no time he’d inject­ed all of the liq­uid in his vein. I watched, with mouth agape, wole was well known for one thing, strength… He could try out any­thing equal to tor­ture and not make one bit of sound or show the pains.

They took turns in inject­ing them­selves with the unknown liq­uid, it was my turn now.…I was lost in choice, I did­n’t know what it was or its impli­ca­tions but then I did­n’t wan to be that weak­ling they thought I was, the kid, I was­n’t going to let my self down and get mocked again ” sharp guy, col­lect ” Luke said hand­ing me a bot­tle of the liq­uid, I grabbed it from him wait­ing for my own syringe, he hand­ed me one but then I realised it was the same nee­dle he and wole had used, I could recall clear­ly being taught in school the dan­gers of shar­ing sharp, pierc­ing objects, so unhealthy! I could­n’t deal with and.… “Wetin you dey wait for..no dey dull for here, in fact give me my thing” he fired, real­is­ing I had done noth­ing but look at the nee­dle for min­utes.

Same nee­dle? This isn’t healthy at all and…”

Wole col­lect that thing make we ball out from here… This guy too dey dull” Luke stat­ed.

That humil­i­a­tion again, I would­n’t take it… I closed my eyes, stiff­ened my arm, like a man I thought I was, con­sol­ing myself with the words “dis­ease no dey kill African man” , car­ing less about the nee­dle I inject­ed my self. “Ehen! Your head dey your neck!” “Cor­rect!” They chant­ed as I suc­cumbed.

Anfe­tamyn” Luke whis­pered to my ears as I sat there, with eyes closed, let­ting the intox­i­cant work through my body, I did­n’t get the words clear­ly at first.…” Oh! Amphet­a­mine” Luke was always a dum­my any­way, no new thing he could­n’t pro­nounce or spell words clear­ly, a drug I had heard about on cer­tain occa­sions, I did­n’t know it’s effects but from the way I felt I knew it was a stim­u­lant, my alter­na­tive rem­e­dy now .…“haha­ha­ha­ha!” I chuck­led loud­ly, express­ing the way my nerves felt from the work­ing of amphet­a­mine.

I heard the rustling of bush­es, foot­steps approach­ing, Wole bid­ding us to “take ‑off” as we called it, yet my vision was blur­ry, my sens­es were in-coor­di­nate, i could see giant human fig­ures approach­ing, but their faces or why they approached so fast I could­n’t tell. My freinds took off in sec­onds, leav­ing me in my dizzy state behind. I felt a hand grab me by the shoul­der, a punch, a very hard punch ‚series of kicks and… A slap, that added dark­ness to the blur­ri­ness of my vision and that was it…all I could recall of that moment.

Writ­ten by Martha 
Direct­ed by God­win Alechenu
Pow­ered by foga tim­o­thy (Mr tourism Benue zone b)

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