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The Church is not a “No Offense Club” but the House of God!


You got angry in church and stopped being the mem­ber of the choir, left ush­er­ing, stopped sanc­tu­ary clean­ing and every oth­er work you were doing in church.

Even­tu­al­ly you’ve stopped going to the church because some­one spoke to you in a way you did­n’t like…

Most of the mes­sages from the pul­pit was against you from your opin­ion…

Nobody called you when you were sick because accord­ing to you, “they do not love or care in the church…”

But please excuse me…

You’ve not stopped work­ing for the boss who insults you most of the time, nei­ther have you stopped work because your col­leagues spoke ill of you (Mon­ey was the rea­son).

When you were sick, you did­n’t wait for your boss to call you or look for you at work. Rather, you called and told him about your present con­di­tion.

No com­plaint about him not vis­it­ing you (Fear of query or loss of the job)

Do you remem­ber that at school, your teach­ers, your school­mates and even your best friends offend­ed you, yet you did­n’t stop school­ing.

You can eas­i­ly miss Church but not lec­tures because the lec­tur­er will take atten­dance which counts in assess­ment.

You can be late with your appoint­ment with God at Church but you will be extra ear­ly for your visa inter­view at the embassy…

Who are you deceiv­ing?

I don’t blame you too much. Maybe you don’t know or you don’t have ade­quate rev­e­la­tion about Church…

Please, Hear Me! Church is not a “No Offense Club” where all things must be done to please you and you alone.

If i may ask, what have you done in church for the good of oth­ers

Accord­ing to Scrip­ture, the first knowl­edge every­body must have about Church is that… It’s The House Of God and The Gate of Heaven, Gen­e­sis 28:1.

Your ser­vice to God must be with rev­er­en­tial fear, hon­or and respect.

God is watch­ing…

Change your atti­tude

Let’s effect a pos­i­tive change for God.

Abel Wealth (Copied)

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