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The world’s first 5G smart­phone just launched and we all missed it

Moto Z3 5G Phone
Image Source: Motoro­la

The world’s first 5G smart­phone just launched and we all missed it main­ly because there are no 5G net­works to begin with. You’d have no way of actu­al­ly tak­ing advan­tage of 5G fea­tures just because your device sup­ports the new stan­dard. Also, the new Android phone, as it is now, can’t do 5G for anoth­er rea­son. It doesn’t tech­ni­cal­ly have a 5G modem inside, which will be a prob­lem when 5G launch­es. But where there’s a mod­u­lar Motoro­la phone, there’s a Moto Mod to fix it.

Called the Moto Z3, the new smart­phone will be 5G-upgrade­able with the help of a new 5G Moto Mod that will be avail­able to buy­ers lat­er this year. This is an inge­nious trick for the phone series. The mod­u­lar­i­ty of the Moto Z line is what allowed Motoro­la to launch the world’s first “5G-upgrade­able” smart­phone.

Motoro­la part­nered with Ver­i­zon to launch the phone, and the press release notes that Ver­i­zon will be the first to deliv­er 5G res­i­den­tial broad­band ser­vice lat­er this year, in four mar­kets, includ­ing Hous­ton, Los Ange­les, Sacra­men­to, and a city that hasn’t been decid­ed. A mobile solu­tion will fol­low in 2019, which is when that 5G Moto Mod will come in handy.

Oth­er than the 5G sup­port that’s com­ing at a lat­er date, the Moto Z3 will offer you a 6‑inch Super AMOLED screen with 2160 x 1080 res­o­lu­tion, Snap­drag­on 835 proces­sor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of stor­age, microSD sup­port, dual 12-megapix­el rear cam­eras, 8‑megapixel self­ie cam­era, 3,000 mAh bat­tery with Tur­boPow­er charg­ing sup­port, fin­ger­print sen­sor, USB‑C con­nec­tiv­i­ty, and Android 8.1 Oreo.

The Moto Z3 will be avail­able exclu­sive­ly via Ver­i­zon on August 16th for $480, or $20 per month for 24 months. Why so cheap you ask? I’ll say Snap­drag­on 835 proces­sor once again, which is last year’s high-end proces­sor for Android phones. For some rea­son, the Moto Z3 won’t get the Snap­drag­on 845 treat­ment like any oth­er Android flag­ship out there.

The price of the 5G Moto Mod was not revealed, but the press release says that, for a lim­it­ed time, you can pur­chase any exist­ing Moto Mod over $100 for just $50 if you buy the new Moto Z3.

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