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Think­ing of Grow­ing Beard? Check out 5 Beard Hacks Every Man Should Know

Grow­ing a beard is one thing but know­ing how to care for it is anoth­er. No “good beard” hap­pens by acci­dent and you must under­stand that beard groom­ing has nev­er been so easy. If you see some­one with a well-groomed beard, it is because he puts in the time and works to make it that way. These beard care tricks will keep your facial hair look­ing resplen­dent.

Keep your beard clean and mois­turised

A clean beard pre­vents itch­i­ness and keeps it soft. If you do not wash and con­di­tion your beard, chances are you will grow dry and wiry beards. Scrub your beard sev­er­al times each week with a spe­cialised cleanser or a good sham­poo and con­di­tion­er can also do the trick. Use a clean tow­el to dry as dirty or old tow­els can be a breed­ing space for bac­te­ria.

Thy beard oil is your best friend

The reg­u­lar use of beard oil helps to keep your beard tamed and also give it a soft­er and shinier appeal.

Train your beard

Trim­ming your shape helps to keep your cho­sen shape and keep your beard in line. Get a beard brush and give your beard a dai­ly rub­down to keep the hair grow­ing in a down­ward direc­tion.

Don’t for­get the mous­tache

Grow­ing a beard means you will grow a mous­tache. To keep it neat, trim the area around your philtrum (the area under your nose) with a pair of groom­ing scis­sors.

Fuel up

Build­ing facial hair is like build­ing a house, you need bricks. The beard is made from pro­tein and fat, but it is also reliant on Vit­a­mins B5, B3, and B9. That means lean meats, nuts, egg yolks, milk, and plen­ty of leafy greens.

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