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This is What Hap­pens to Ladies Who Take Injec­tions to Pre­vent Preg­nan­cy

If you are a sin­gle lady, please hear me loud and clear stop tak­ing tablets or injec­tion to pre­vent preg­nan­cy, when you are still dat­ing, how could you involve your­self in fam­i­ly plan­ning when you are still sin­gle.

Don’t you know that fam­i­ly plan­ning is made only for the mar­ried cou­ples who are no longer inter­est­ed in hav­ing more kids.
Some ladies always take injec­tion that last 6 months or 1 year, One thing you don’t know about these drugs is that they are only made to kill your eggs and immo­bi­lize your hor­mones and it weak­ens your cir­cles, 
if you would believe with me that since you start­ed tak­ing it , you have noticed that any­time you are to see your menses, it won’t be as reg­u­lar as it use to be, some­times these drugs will hold your men­stru­a­tion for up to 3 to 4 months before it will nor­mal­ize again, You know exact­ly what am say­ing my dear.’

I know some ladies may are on this kind of lifestyle for years now and don’t even know the side effects. You are sin­gle and in school but you pre­fer engag­ing in fam­i­ly plan­ning when you are not mar­ried, my dear sis­ter, you are grad­u­al­ly reduc­ing your­self to seri­ous­ly Bar­ren­ness.

At the time your chew­ing gum boyfriend aban­dons you, he will mar­ry anoth­er girl and have won­der­ful chil­dren while you run from pil­lar to post in search of a child.

Even as am writ­ing this now they are still mil­lions of sin­gle ladies who are in the Uni­ver­si­ties and engag­ing in Fam­i­ly plan­ning Just because they want to rel­e­vant on cam­pus. Such life does not last, i’m sor­ry to have exposed you but I have to tell you the truth.

Ladies, pro­tect your eggs, pro­tect your womb and pro­tect your fetus.
You can go on and call me names It does­n’t mat­ter but I have done my part, it’s up to you to do yours.

James Ifeanyi Onuo­rah

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