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Too Expensive For A Child? Schoolgirl Gets A Luxury Porsche Car As Gift On Her Birthday

The car gift and the shocked students
From super expensive watches to fancy cars, some rich parents hold nothing back when spoiling their kids… and a parent has proved just that as he takes gift giving to a whole new level.

A South African former police minister, Fikile Mbalula, has taken to his verified Twitter account, @MbalulaFikile to post a video which shows how a parent took gift giving to a whole new level.
The video which emerged on social media and is making the rounds online, shows a Johannesburg girl getting surprised at school by a man suspected to be her dad for her 18th birthday.
The footage shows the girl, her suspected dad and a few of her fellow pupils making their way to the parking lot, where a brand new Porsche was waiting for her.
The man covered her eyes as they made their way to the luxury car, and she was constantly heard saying she’s going to cry.

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