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Ugandan Police Pictured Squeezing Women BrEast During Search Operation


Mixed reaction trials photos from a stop and search operation by Ugandan security operatives.

Women were subjected to maltreatment by male security operatives who conducted search on their private parts.

The photo(s) which is trending online shows women being manhandled by male security operatives during a search operation in the Country.

This raise concerns over the rights of women as people are calling on human right organization and the international community to look into the matter which is an infringement on the rights of women in the Country.


Normally, only female security operatives should be allowed to conduct security search on women.

Just as male operatives should only attend to males, not the other way round.

Toktok9ja is yet to confirm which part of the Country the ugly incident occurred at the time of filling this report.

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Mixed Reactions from Facebook:

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