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Viral: Pretty Lady Caught on Camera Scratching Her Box, What’s going on in there?

One of the embarrassing moments is when you feel itching in your pubic area and can’t attempt to scratch, probably because you are in a public gathering or environment and you can’t reach out and scratch. Most itching in the body may be as a result of an allergy, rash or hives.

This is unconnected with the photo of a pretty lady caught on camera in an office scratching her box. She may not have been aware of the security camera positioned just in front of her. Looking at the photo you will realize that she was also looking out to observe if someone was coming or watching.

The lady can been seen well dressed, probably it was her first time in that office, or she came for a job interview. Maybe next time she might consider using the bathroom, most offices have spy camera.

What do you make of this?

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