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We used plank to kill Ogun var­si­ty stu­dents; after guns failed –Sus­pects

We used plank to kill Ogun varsity students; after guns failed –Suspects

…girl­friend three months preg­nant

Mur­ta­la Babatunde, 26, and Tai­wo Razaq, 18, have con­fessed that they killed Ade­bisi Ori­ade, 22, and his girl­friend, Juliana Eke Ima­ga, both stu­dents of Olabisi Ona­ban­jo Uni­ver­si­ty, Ago Iwoye, Ogun State with a plank when sev­er­al attempts to use their gun failed to work.

Babatunde and Razaq have been arrest­ed by oper­a­tives of the IGP-Intel­li­gence Response Team (IRT), led by DCP Abba Kyari, in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Oyo State Fed­er­al Spe­cial Anti-Rob­bery Squad (FSARS) and Ogun State Police Com­mand in con­nec­tion with the bru­tal mur­ders, said they abduct­ed the vic­tims from their friend’s house and took them to uncom­plet­ed build­ing around Oru-Ije­bu Junc­tion along the Benin-Shaga­mu Express­way on Thurs­day, May 28. Speak­ing with jour­nal­ists in Lagos on Wednes­day, Babatunde said that he and his gang mem­bers killed Ade­bisi over his fail­ure to “set­tle” him on one of their busi­ness deals with his for­eign client.

Babatunde said that his client from the US state of Texas, paid mon­ey into Adebisi’s for­eign account, but he failed to give him, his own share.

Nar­rat­ing his sto­ry, Babatunde not­ed that Ade­bisi was his god son. “We are very good friends and he always came to around when­ev­er he needs some­thing from me. We also lived in the same area, play ball togeth­er and watch for­eign foot­ball leagues in the same view­ing cen­tre.

What actu­al­ly hap­pened between two of us was that some­time in March this year, he gave me his bank account tnum­ber to enable me col­lect mon­ey from my for­eign client. “I don’t have such a bank account because I became a yahoo guy after my birth­day last year Octo­ber. From there, we moved from one stage to anoth­er and lat­er became part­ners.

In our last deal­ing, my client paid mon­ey into his account and he refused to set­tle me. “I have been dis­turb­ing him to pay me and he was play­ing me. When­ev­er, I met Ade­bisi on the way by chance, he would tell me to send my bank account to him, that he would cred­it my account. On sev­er­al occa­sions, he had request­ed for my bank account. One day, I called him that I need­ed mon­ey bad­ly, and he told me that some boys broke into his house in Lagos and took away his gold, mon­ey and oth­er valu­able things. That I should still calm down.

Anoth­er time, I met him at a fill­ing sta­tion at Ije­bu Ode and he still said that I should send my account num­ber. He will send some mon­ey to me when he got home. “Since we became friends, I have not ben­e­fit­ed any­thing from him. He was spend­ing mon­ey any­how with­out set­tling me from the busi­ness deal­ings we did togeth­er. It was obvi­ous that he was spend­ing my mon­ey. Around April, I began to receive threat mes­sages and calls from Adebisi’s cult mem­bers, Alo­ra Con­fra­ter­ni­ty that they would deal with me if I am not care­ful.

On May 27, I went to my girlfriend’s place; I saw his car in one of his friend’s house. I told my girl­friend (name with­held) to keep watch­ing the car for me, until the fol­low­ing day and on May 28, around 9/10 pm, my girl­friend called me that his car is there again, mean­ing that Ade­bisi was around.

I invit­ed two of my own gang mem­bers, Razaq and Sodiq, and we took a motor­cy­cle to where Adebisi’s car was parked. Before then I had tak­en a bag con­tain­ing two local­ly made guns and one cut­lass to my girlfriend’s house. One of the guns was giv­en to me, when I was pro­mot­ed as the leader of our cult group, Aiye Con­fra­ter­ni­ty in the area and the oth­er one, belonged to Razaq. “On the day we killed them, we wait­ed some­where close to his car until around 11 pm when Ade­bisi and his girl­friend (name with­held) came out from their friend’s house.

I approached them and brought out my gun and ordered them to enter the vehi­cle and sit on the back seat. “Before, he entered, he called me, ‘egbon’ (which is ‘elder broth­er’ in Yoru­ba), and told me that the mon­ey to set­tle me was not yet avail­able but that very soon, he would set­tle me. I told him not to wor­ry, that I was not ask­ing him about the mon­ey but that his gang mem­bers had been threat­en­ing me.

And that I was angry that he could report to his cult mem­bers when I was just ask­ing him for my share of the busi­ness we did togeth­er.” Babatunde then said he told Razaq and Sodiq that they should leave the area and drove his (Adebisi’s) car to an uncom­plet­ed build­ing along Oru-Ije­bu Junc­tion where they killed both of them.

We tried to shot them with our guns but the bul­let didn’t come out. That’s why we used a plank to hit them repeat­ed­ly until they died. “How­ev­er, before then when Ade­bisi realised that we want­ed to kill him, he begged me to spare his life and take his vehi­cle. I told him, ‘sor­ry, I don’t need his car or any­thing from him’.

But after we killed them I took his apple lap­top, two pair of shoes, and his cell-phones. I took his shoes because I want­ed to wear them. “Although he gave me his bank account infor­ma­tion before he died, I trans­ferred N50, 000 from his account into mine. I also recharged N5000 into my mobile phone from his account,” he said.

On why they also killed Adebisi’s three-month preg­nant girl­friend, Babatunde said: “Ima­ga (Adebisi’s girl­friend) don’t have any prob­lems with us but we didn’t want her to expose us for killing her boyfriend. I told Razaq and Sodiq, if not that rap­ing is an abom­i­na­tion in our Con­fra­ter­ni­ty, I would have raped her before killing her.”

Babatunde said that he took Ima­ga away from where his group was pum­melling Ade­bisi to death and then lat­er brought her back to be killed. Speak­ing fur­ther the mur­der sus­pect said: “We left their dead bod­ies in the uncom­plet­ed build­ing and drove their vehi­cle to a near­by police sta­tion around the place. After the inci­dent, I went back to Ibadan, Oyo State, where I’m based. I’m a dri­ver.

The police arrest­ed me in one of the hotels in Ibadan.” On his attempt to escape from police cus­tody, Babatunde explained: “I was brought out from the cell to the counter in the Ibadan SARS Police Sta­tion. My inves­ti­ga­tion offi­cer was talk­ing to anoth­er offi­cer, when I took his key and unlocked my hand­cuffs.

I ran out from the sta­tion but I was caught at the gate. I want to avoid the law because I knew I will be pun­ished for what I did. I am regret­ting every­thing I have done.” Razaq, who hails from Imo­ta, Iko­ro­du in Lagos State, said he was in a hotel when Babatunde came to him, that there was a job, he want him to do.

Razaq, a welder appren­tice, insist­ed that he had nev­er killed any­body before Ade­bisi and his girl­friend. “When Ade­bisi was beg­ging me and Sodiq not to kill him, Babatunde told us that, he (Ade­bisi) will report us to the police because of the guns he saw with us. I didn’t want him to report us to the police and that’s why we killed him with a plank when our guns failed to work. Lat­er Babatunde gave me and Sodiq, N30, 000 and we shared it N15, 000 each. I am plead­ing for mer­cy and I will turn a new leaf.”

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