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What is wrong in Seek­ing Green­er Pas­ture Over­seas? – Ifeo­ma Onuike, Dias­po­ra Con­nect

Seek­ing Green­er Pas­ture

The illu­sion that green­er pas­ture exist out­side has been the mirage mind­set in most third world Nations major­ly African and Asian. I am not of the opin­ion that it is wrong to trav­el to anoth­er coun­try, even peo­ple from well-to-do Coun­tries still trav­el to oth­er Coun­tries, and some even own prop­er­ties and com­pa­nies over­seas.

Leav­ing your home Coun­try to study­ing or work­ing abroad is a big deci­sion which requires ade­quate plan­ning. Gone are the days when you sleep, wake up and then decide to uproot your life to anoth­er Coun­try with­out tak­ing cer­tain mea­sures and prop­er strate­gic plan­ning.

On the course of writ­ing this arti­cle, i decid­ed to do a sur­vey on the rea­sons war­rant­i­ng con­tin­ues migra­tion of youth from Africa to Europe. Also I asked ques­tions from friends and close asso­ciates, so this arti­cle is not only my thoughts and opin­ion.

After you are done read­ing, I would appre­ci­ate your own con­tri­bu­tion as i know that we may not have cov­ered this top­ic entire­ly.

First of all, there is noth­ing wrong trav­el­ing abroad in search of green­er pas­tures, so long you don’t intend involv­ing in crime or ille­git­i­mate means of mak­ing mon­ey.

For Nige­ria and oth­er African Coun­tries rav­aged by pover­ty, leav­ing the shores to seek green­er pas­tures is some­thing that is indis­pens­able, mil­lions of Nige­ri­ans risks their lives across the Sahara desert and the Mediter­ranean Sea all in search of green­er pas­tures.

How did we get to this stage?

The gov­ern­ment has failed to plan for the future of the youth giv­en rise to an army of unem­ployed youth with resul­tant gulli­bil­i­ty for crime and search for green­er pas­ture else­where. Least I for­get to men­tion brain drain. All this kid­nap­ping you hear about, increase in crim­i­nal­i­ty is not uncon­nect­ed to the lev­el of unem­ploy­ment in Nige­ria. Accord­ing to Prof Dakas CJ Dakas “If the poor can­not sleep because they are hun­gry, then the rich must be ready to stay awake because of poor not sleep­ing.”

All these agi­ta­tion for self-deter­mi­na­tion is not uncon­nect­ed with the sad lead­er­ship prob­lem in Nige­ria. God help us.

There are over thou­sand rea­sons why Nige­ri­ans trav­el abroad. Look­ing around you, the answers are not far-fetched. All over Africa, Nige­ri­ans have the high­est num­ber of inter­na­tion­al trav­ellers. The rea­son is part­ly because of our pop­u­la­tion of 180 Mil­lion with untapped resources to take care of her peo­ple. Our schools are not prop­er­ly equipped with facil­i­ties for learn­ing.

The major rea­son is because of eco­nom­ic insta­bil­i­ty. Over the years, the econ­o­my of Nige­ria has con­tin­ued to go down in geo­met­ric pro­gres­sion. Those who are in charge of the econ­o­my are not doing any­thing in terms of reduc­ing unem­ploy­ment in the coun­try, every year thou­sands of grad­u­ates are released into the labour mar­ket with no hope of land­ing a job. The Econ­o­my is the major rea­son. The gov­ern­ment has not cre­at­ed an enabling envi­ron­ment for busi­ness to thrive talk more of encour­ag­ing new busi­ness­es. The cost of run­ning a busi­ness in Nige­ria is very high because of lack of con­stant pow­er sup­ply and we large­ly depend on import­ed raw mate­ri­als to fin­ish pro­duc­tion, and off course you know how exchange rates affects impor­ta­tion

In the Europe regard­less of your pay or job title, you are assured of the wage at the end of the month or week.

In Europe even if you are not rich you are giv­en pri­or­i­ty as the rest of the res­i­dents. There is access to sound health care and social ameni­ties. There is the oppor­tu­ni­ty to be what or who­ev­er you want to be in life.

Do we achieve the pur­pose?

Yes we do. We might not be bil­lion­aires but we sure liv­ing a good life.

In some cas­es depend­ing on which juris­dic­tion you find your­self, you are sat­is­fied but in oth­er juris­dic­tions you may be total­ly dis­il­lu­sioned and dis­en­chant­ed by what you see. Some­times is not even up to the stan­dard back home in Nige­ria. We must tell our­selves the truth about the so called green­er pas­tures as some­times it may be hell on earth and it’s bet­ter we remain where we are. Nige­ria real­ly has all the poten­tials and indices of a pros­per­ous nation; regret­tably this has been robbed by bad lead­er­ship over the years.


If you are in Nige­ria and you want to immi­grate to Europe, you have to con­sid­er the eco­nom­ic sit­u­a­tion of your pro­posed coun­try of choice of res­i­dence. What is the spo­ken lan­guage of this coun­try? How are you going to go about when u final­ly arrived at this pro­posed coun­try? Have you got any sort of sup­port there?

Depend­ing on the rea­son for trav­el­ing abroad, just know where you are com­ing from and where you are going to, make enquiries, ask ques­tions on where you are going. Ensure you have ade­quate finan­cial sup­port for your entire study peri­od if you are a stu­dent. If you are trav­el­ling for a dif­fer­ent rea­son oth­er than aca­d­e­m­ic you must first and fore­most exhaust all avail­able avenues in Nige­ria before look­ing else­where. We need re-ori­en­ta­tion of Niger­ian youth on the erro­neous per­cep­tion on any­thing for­eign.

This impres­sion about fast mon­ey is the rea­son we find Nige­ri­ans in Malaysia sell­ing their body parts, women going into pros­ti­tu­tion in Italy and indulging in so many acts of crim­i­nal­i­ty. This has also account­ed for the con­tin­u­ous depor­ta­tion of Nige­ri­ans from dif­fer­ent parts of the world or Nige­ri­ans killed or incar­cer­at­ed.

At the end we don’t always find what we are look­ing for, many peo­ple find oth­er things in place of the green­er pas­tures they seek for.

This ques­tion is a tough one but if we all move from Nige­ria in search of this Green­er pas­ture who will remain to make Nige­ria great again? Just think­ing out loud.….


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