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What will hap­pen to my body if I start doing squats?

Rahul Raviprasad
Work­ing out for 8 years
9w ago
“Skin­ny peo­ple look good in clothes, fit peo­ple look good naked”
Mus­cu­lar Fit

vs Skin­ny Fit
So what will squats do?
Stronger Glutes­Bet­ter look­ing legs­Be­ing com­pound move­ment affect mul­ti­ple mus­cles togeth­er­Boost testos­terone pro­duc­tion, help­ing in gain­ing mus­cle mass.Overall stronger and more func­tion­al, it is an impor­tant exer­cise of Indi­an wrestling “Kushti”.
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Mike Hill
stud­ied at Mundelein Cons High School (2009)
9w ago
If you squat deep with heavy resis­tance, you will get strong quads and strong glutes. You will def­i­nite­ly notice a dif­fer­ence in your butt. You will look good in jeans.
If you squat halfway with heavy resis­tance, you will get mas­sive quadri­ceps. Your thighs will be huge, you will shred your pants month­ly (prob­a­bly will hap­pen if you do deep squats too….), and you will prob­a­bly have big­ger things than you know what to do with, caus­ing chaffing.
If you squat deep with light resis­tance, you will get some mus­cle tone, with­out bulk­ing up too much (most like­ly) and you will burn some calo­ries.
If you do par­tial reps with light resis­tance you will…. Be able to say you did squats? Sort of?
That’s the basics. Of course, that assumes reg­u­lar bar­bell squats, with­out account­ing for the end­less squat vari­a­tions or even bar posi­tion­ing (bar posi­tion­ing low­er on the back can also add bulk to your shoul­ders, traps, and back if you use heavy weight). Peo­ple assume squats are sim­ple but they are not.
How­ev­er, any squat (done safe­ly) is sure­ly ben­e­fi­cial so if you can get start­ed you can always fig­ure out the best vari­a­tion as you get more com­fort­able.
Derek Miller
Research Assis­tant at Peri­na­tol­ogy Research Branch — NIH (2014-present)
9w ago
Your legs will start look­ing a lot bet­ter after a few weeks.
Your con­fi­dence will increase a result of mov­ing a bar­bell on your back.
The meta­bol­ic changes result­ing from work­ing out/increasing mus­cle mass will help you lose weight and keep it off, as opposed to just car­dio.
And, who doesn’t like a good squat booty?
Dar­ren Moroney
Get­ting to a bet­ter ver­sion of me one smart work­out at a time
9w ago
Hard ques­tion to pro­vide a spe­cif­ic answer for.
Squats will make your legs stronger, con­tribute to total dai­ly calo­rie out­put (though not as much as you think) and poten­tial­ly make you pret­ty sore (espe­cial­ly if you’re new to train­ing).
Like most health and fit­ness relat­ed ques­tions the first answer is “it depends”.
Are they body­weight squats?
Are they weight­ed squats? If so, how much?
To see the effects of dif­fer­ent kinds of squats on the body com­pare a body­builder to a pow­er lifter.
Body­builders have large amounts of def­i­n­i­tion due to their style of train­ing where­as a strength ath­lete like a pow­er lifter is big and less defined.
Your body adapts to the demands placed on it.
Luis Lopez
Have my own home gym, trained MMA for a cou­ple years
9w ago
Squat­ting is my favorite exer­cise.
There are var­i­ous stud­ies done on the ben­e­fits of the squat. But real­ly, you don’t need a study to know that squat­ting is good.
Anatom­i­cal­ly, the posi­tion stretch­es the low­er back, decom­press­es the spine and releas­es the hips.
Also, you get nice legs!
Mark Wern­er
Long­time stu­dent of exer­cise phys­i­ol­o­gy.
9w ago
You don’t say if you’re plan­ning to do “free” squats (no weights) or resis­tance squats with a bar­bell (or machine).
In either case, the squat is a basic leg exer­cise tar­get­ing pri­mar­i­ly the quadri­ceps group. If that’s ALL you are going to do you’ll get stronger “quads”.
If you’re going to exer­cise, I would rec­om­mend a com­plete pro­gram, not just one exer­cise that tar­gets one mus­cle group.

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