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Why I Left Islam To Become a Porn­star- Woman Reveals

A lady on Twit­ter iden­ti­fied as Jade Jor­dan has revealed how she left reli­gion to become a porn star say­ing that it did not speak to her and how she also stopped wear­ing her Hijab which she said she wore from when she was 3 years old to when she was 20.

She shared her sto­ry on Twit­ter also shar­ing throw­back pic­tures in which she was wear­ing a Hijab. She added that she will make a YouTube video soon chron­i­cling her jour­ney.
She revealed that her house­hold was a strict one and there­fore she didn’t feel free.
Her series of Tweets read:
Fun­ny fact: I was actu­al­ly born and raised a MUSLIM (I’m not mus­lim any­more BY CHOICE). My real name is said in the video. You have to watch it to find out what it is.

I wore a hijab from age 3 up until age 20. I stopped in 2014, when I stopped being mus­lim. A few months lat­er, I start­ed doing porn. Here is my baby and I 

I got rid of all my year­books, because I used to be so heart­bro­ken that I used to be apart of some­thing that brought me so much pain, but I’m in every year book from my old school wear­ing a scarf.

I need to get my geneal­o­gy done. I was born in Amer­i­ca though. My par­ents are hard core reli­gious fanat­ics. So grow­ing up it felt like I lived in anoth­er coun­try.

Wasn’t inter­est­ed any­more. Didn’t speak to me. I didn’t feel con­nect­ed to it.

Gonna make a youtube video talk­ing about my jour­ney from MUSLIM to PORNSTAR in a few days. In the mean­time, here is a pic of me from high school…

Peo­ple pirate my manyvids videos, but I’m not mad. Hub­by used to pirate soft­ware and entire stu­dio albums back in the day. It’s unfor­tu­nate busi­ness-wise, but I know y’all don’t have mon­ey. I grew up in a tran­si­tion­al home, so I get it. I’m still doing DMCA take­downs though!!!!

I’m hap­py we get to share the expe­ri­ence of being free and tru­ly being our­selves with peo­ple who are impor­tant to us. Our sup­port­ers mean every­thing to us. I have nev­er been so hap­py. Thank you!

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