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Why Nige­ri­ans Shouldn’t Move to Cana­da- Niger­ian Lady Reveals

Cana­da is becom­ing a hotspot for Nige­ri­ans.
With the Unit­ed States crack­ing down hard­er and hard­er on immi­gra­tion and Eng­land mak­ing it dif­fi­cult for Nige­ri­ans to relo­cate, Canada’s more relaxed require­ments for immi­gra­tion have made it a pop­u­lar place for Nige­ri­ans.

But a lady on Twit­ter with the han­dle @pamelathepundit has poured cold water on the dreams of many, claim­ing that Cana­da isn’t as easy as many hope it would be and that the lack of work expe­ri­ence by Nige­ri­ans make it dif­fi­cult to find a job.
In a series of tweets she revealed that Nige­ri­ans are left with menial jobs such as wait­ing tables and so on.
Her tweets read: Dear All who are ‘hus­tling’ to go to Cana­da under the Fed­er­al Skilled Work­ers Pro­gram, I wish you well.

What you are nev­er told is that all your qual­i­fi­ca­tions, work expe­ri­ence and skills (for which you’ll be grant­ed the visa) will amount to nought when the LACK OF CANADIAN WORK EXPERIENCE will force you to wait tables, beg to take hours at super­store and walk per­sons with pecialneeds as a means of liveli­hood to pay unend­ing bills and month­ly house rent that is equiv­a­lent to what large fam­i­lies pay per annum back in Nige­ria.

You are nev­er told that as a Researcher/Lecturer, your résumé is as good as a high school leaver sim­ply because you lack Cana­di­an work expe­ri­ence and worst of all if you do not have Cana­di­an edu­ca­tion. We all know Research Meth­ods in par­tic­u­lar dis­ci­plines are uni­ver­sal but hey, wel­come to CA. As an Engi­neer, you’ll need some type of upgrad­ing… The type that a Niger­ian with tons of work expe­ri­ence went seek­ing at Bow Val­ley Col­lege, Cal­gary, Alber­ta, before he got stabbed to death by a sup­posed col­league who the sys­tem pro­nounced as men­tal­ly unsta­ble, leav­ing behind chil­dren and a preg­nant wife, ear­ly this year.

My friends in the abroad who were once CEOs, MDs, 800k NGN salary earn­ers but sold their busi­ness­es, resigned their jobs to move to Cana­da as ‘Skilled Work­ers’ who now know and expe­ri­ence these things keep ask­ing that one ques­tion, “what is there in Nige­ria to go back to”? are actu­al­ly right to ask because what real­ly is there to be back to? Don’t even let me start…  
It hurts. It hurts so bad. Not sure which hurts more; the tales of abun­dant job oppor­tu­ni­ties in Cana­da which dri­ves hard­work­ing Niger­ian pro­fes­sion­als to pack up & leave only to go strug­gle for oppor­tu­ni­ties as described above with Refugees shipped from war-torn Sudan, Syr­ia, Iran etc. I’m not under­rat­ing Refugees, no please. I am say­ing, for ALL that Nige­ri­ans go through to get that visa that is giv­en them based on their skill and pro­fes­sion­al abil­i­ties, they deserve more than get­ting their pass­ports stamped at the Air­ports (because we sure don’t go by road or water), get­ting their SIN/SSN and watched as we all get denied oppor­tu­ni­ties to put our skill to use which was the first rea­son for going.

I chal­lenge you to show me one sin­gle per­son who found a job in Cana­da in their area of exper­tise with­in 3 months of arrival while painful­ly spend­ing their sav­ings (take note of unfavourable FX).
Nige­ria is tough but dear all, it is tougher liv­ing over­seas with­out a prop­er job.

Even with those sur­vival jobs, one has to work 3 dif­fer­ent types to pay $1k rent (with util­i­ties) month­ly for a self-con­tained type of apart­ment on aver­age. U REALLY want to think again. Have my best wish­es in your deci­sion. Spec­ta­to­ri­al­ly, P. O.
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