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Wilder fight would be dan­ger­ous, Klitschko warns Joshua

Joshua, Wilder
Wladimir Klitschko has backed Antho­ny Joshua to win “hands down” against Tyson Fury if the two ever meet in the ring, Skys­ports reports.

But Klitschko warned Joshua  not to under­es­ti­mate the threat of WBC cham­pi­on Deon­tay Wilder in their uni­fi­ca­tion fight.
The for­mer WBA (Super), IBF, WBO and IBO heavy­weight cham­pi­on retired in August with a 64–5‑53KO record, fol­low­ing back-to-back defeats to Joshua and Fury.
Hav­ing shared the ring with both men, Klitschko is well placed to com­ment on who would emerge vic­to­ri­ous if the much-dis­cussed fight ever gets made – and the Ukrain­ian came down firm­ly on the side of Joshua.
Klitschko told The Sun­day Times,  “Hands down Joshua. He is get­ting to be the com­plete fight­er. Tech­ni­cal­ly, size-wise, weight-wise, pow­er-wise. And he is a good learn­er.
“The oth­er guy (Fury), like a fart in the wind it is there and it is gone. In the his­to­ry of box­ing there are a lot of exam­ples of this kind of guy. They can be suc­cess­ful for a time but are not dis­ci­plined enough to con­tin­ue to be suc­cess­ful.
“I wish Tyson well but I think there is a lack of dis­ci­pline there, and dis­ci­pline is more impor­tant than moti­va­tion. Draw­ing from my expe­ri­ence I would say it is going to be very dif­fi­cult for Tyson because there’s that lack of dis­ci­pline.”
Fury has sched­uled his first fight since defeat­ing Klitschko over two-and-a-half years ago for June 9 at the Man­ches­ter Are­na, against an uncon­firmed oppo­nent.
The ‘Gyp­sy King’ has made it clear he is tar­get­ing a show­down with Joshua but that does not appear like­ly to hap­pen in the near future.
Joshua is hold­ing talks for a uni­fi­ca­tion fight against WBC cham­pi­on Deon­tay.
Klitschko believes Wilder’s speed and unortho­dox style could pose prob­lems for Joshua.
“It would be a dan­ger­ous fight for Joshua,” Klitschko said. “I’m not say­ing he wouldn’t win it but Wilder has some­thing. Due to his weight, he is extreme­ly fast.
“He has good pow­er in his hands and he’s extreme­ly fast. Maybe he’s kind of wild in his tech­nique but those punch­es are com­ing from who knows where.
“He is hard to defend against – where is that punch going to land or which side is it com­ing from? Joshua has all-around more capa­bil­i­ty but Wilder is taller than Joshua and is faster than Joshua.”
“He doesn’t have the weight behind his punch­es but he is extreme­ly fast, and it would depend upon what kind of mood both fight­ers were in.”

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