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Woman Under­goes Incred­i­ble Trans­for­ma­tion To Get ‘Revenge Body’ Fol­low­ing Break-Up

Woman Undergoes Incredible Transformation To Get Revenge Body Following Break Up JENNA WEB

A woman has lost an incred­i­ble six stone, under­go­ing an incred­i­ble trans­for­ma­tion, achiev­ing the revenge body she desired.

24-year-old Jen­na Romano, from Menifee, Cal­i­for­nia, split up with her boyfriend a year ago set­ting her on a jour­ney to lose weight to get a ‘revenge body’.

At her heav­i­est, Jen­na weighed 239 pounds, (17 stone) but now, she cur­rent­ly weights 161 pounds, (11.5 stone), los­ing an amaz­ing six stone, (and a lit­tle bit more) in only a year.

Speak­ing exclu­sive­ly to UNILAD, Jen­na said her goal was to lose 50 pounds in a year, but she crushed this in just 14 weeks.

She explained how reg­u­lar­ly attend­ing a gym and calo­rie count­ing helped her man­age this impres­sive feat:

50 pounds lost in 14 weeks is insane. I got a gym mem­ber­ship 20 days after start­ing my jour­ney and at that time I told myself ‘try to go four days of the week’.

But then by August I was at the gym six days a week. I have been at the gym between six to eight times each week since then (and yes that means I am often at the gym twice in one day).

Since the begin­ning I have tracked my calo­ries in vers­es calo­ries out, every sin­gle day. I weigh and log every­thing I eat. I track how many calo­ries are burned every day with my Fit­bit.

The biggest dif­fer­ence between now and before my jour­ney is how fre­quent­ly I am at the gro­cery store. Gone are the days of fast food and con­ve­nience store snacks. Now I’m at the gro­cery store buy­ing healthy pro­tein, fruits, and veg­gies about twice a week.

Hav­ing reached her goal, Jen­na decid­ed to con­tin­ue los­ing weight but also work on her fit­ness and build­ing mus­cle.

Woman Undergoes Incredible Transformation To Get Revenge Body Following Break Up JENNA AFTER 2 1048x700

How­ev­er, she admits when it reached Christ­mas time she hit a wall, and her weight start­ed to plateau. She was unable to fig­ure out why though.

Jen­na explained:

I was still in caloric deficit. I was still exer­cis­ing reg­u­lar­ly. I was still giv­ing max­i­mum effort despite the hol­i­days. But the num­ber was not going down.

This was real­ly the first time in the jour­ney that I felt like I was fail­ing. What I didn’t under­stand was that my mus­cle growth was devel­op­ing expo­nen­tial­ly.

At about that time is when I start­ed weight lift­ing. And even though I was still los­ing fat, my mus­cles were com­pen­sat­ing the scale. This is when I real­ly had to have a a‑hah moment. It couldn’t be about hit­ting a cer­tain num­ber on the scale any­more.

I was forced to under­stand the dif­fer­ence between “fat loss” vers­es “weight loss”. Since then, sure the num­ber on the scale has gone down by about 18 pounds but in the grand scheme of things, I know I’ve prob­a­bly lost about 30ibs of fat since the hol­i­days. So the math­e­mat­i­cal dif­fer­ence is all mus­cle. And that’s pret­ty awe­some.

Woman Undergoes Incredible Transformation To Get Revenge Body Following Break Up JENNA COMPARISON PICTURE

Hav­ing edu­cat­ed her­self about mus­cle, Jen­na began set­ting her­self dif­fer­ent goals to test her strength, includ­ing being able to do a hand­stand and lift­ing a cer­tain weight.

Still on her jour­ney, Jen­na is cur­rent­ly work­ing towards achiev­ing an unas­sist­ed pull-up. I’m sure it won’t be long until she mas­ters this too!

Reflect­ing back on her jour­ney, Jen­na admits two years ago, she’d have laughed at the prospect of her run­ning two miles straight.

Con­fess­ing how she’s learnt a lot about her body over the past year, Jen­na now knows she’s ‘capa­ble of so much more’ than she ever imag­ined.

One of the biggest sur­pris­es along the way was the return of her ex-boyfriend Tyler, the rea­son she start­ed this trans­for­ma­tion.

Recent­ly get­ting back togeth­er, Jen­na adds they still remained friends through­out their split, with Tyler being one of her biggest sup­port­ers.

She con­tin­ued to tell UNILAD:

At the begin­ning I was just very moti­vat­ed to show Tyler up, but short­ly after, it start­ed to became about show­ing myself up. I need­ed to prove to myself I could lose the weight.

Tyler and I were still best friends. He saw my jour­ney first­hand. He knew that I was doing it for a revenge body, and he didn’t care. He still moti­vat­ed me. He was the first per­son to tell me when I looked thin­ner. He was the first per­son to tell me when my mus­cles were get­ting more notice­able.

And when I reached a goal, he was the first per­son I want­ed to tell because I knew he would be gen­uine­ly proud of me. All of my trans­for­ma­tion pic­tures were tak­en by Tyler.

Tyler also showed his sup­port and pride recent­ly by shar­ing pho­tos of Jenna’s trans­for­ma­tion on Red­dit writ­ing: ‘she is absolute­ly incred­i­ble’.

He sounds like a keep­er Jen­na!

Woman Undergoes Incredible Transformation To Get Revenge Body Following Break Up Screen Shot 2018 07 06 at 18.49.47 932x700

When UNILAD asked Jen­na what advice she’d give to oth­ers who want to lose weight, she empha­sised the impor­tant thing is, to enjoy it.

She con­clud­ed:

I hear the way peo­ple talk about get­ting fit, like it’s some medieval form of tor­ture, and it should nev­er be that way. When first start­ing out, do what is fun for you!

Just be in a caloric deficit. That’s all it takes to lose weight. Make sure you’re burn­ing more than you’re tak­ing in.

Then, spend some time fig­ur­ing out what healthy foods you gen­uine­ly enjoy. You will stop miss­ing the cook­ies if the food you’re eat­ing is actu­al­ly tasty.

If your goal is to get into the gym, stop feel­ing like your work­outs have to be filled up with a bunch of bor­ing planks. Instead, do what is fun.

Learn to have a pas­sion for what you’re doing first. Then when it comes time to do the stuff you don’t want to, you have pas­sion at the foun­da­tion and get­ting off your butt and work­ing is not as dif­fi­cult.

Inspir­ing stuff! Con­grat­u­la­tions Jen­na and keep it up!

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