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Dog sinks it’s teeth into the neck of a pig in bru­tal fight to death

The sav­age moment a hunt­ing dog sinks its teeth into a wild pig has been cap­tured on a GoPro attached to its head.

Shock­ing footage shows the dog run­ning across a field and through water before catch­ing the black pig.
The clip, believed to be filmed in the USA, shows the dog dash­ing past oth­er hounds to get to the pig.

The pair tum­ble into a stream where the con­tin­ue their fight to the death. Oth­er dogs run and join in the attack.
Hunters then appear and hold the pig down as the dogs con­tin­ue to bite intoit.

Two men then pat one of the dogs before send­ing it away.

The shock­ing footage has racked up more than 14,000 views since it was post­ed onYouTube and has won praise from hunt­ing enthu­si­asts.
One user com­ment­ed ‘that was intense’.

Anoth­er added: ‘Very well done! Beau­ti­ful hunt­ing dogs!’

The moment the dog bites into the hog after tack­ling it in a riv­er fol­low­ing a chase

The pig dash­es through a field before the dog catch­es up and tack­les him head on

Once the pig is cap­tured, anoth­er dog joins in and sinks his teeth into the hog

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