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Cul­ture Sig­ni­fies Unique Iden­ti­ty & Pride

Our Cul­ture, our Unique Iden­ti­ty, our Def­i­n­i­tion, our Pride, our way of Life, our Her­itage. Cul­ture Unites, it Inte­grates, it Edi­fices, it Defines Val­ues.

Irre­spec­tive of our dif­fer­ences in Tongue, Reli­gion, Food and Tribe, we are # ONE, cause we bound­ed in one ties, # AFRICA (black­ness), our Ori­gin and our Root.

Let # Love rule our Hearts for our Strength is in our Uni­ty and there is Uni­ty in Diver­si­ty.

I am Proud of my #CULTURE
I am Proud­ly an # AFRICAN

I Am a proud­ly a NIGERIAN
I am proud­ly an #IGBO

# ILove­my­Cul­ture

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