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Yoru­ba Slay Queen Sits on Her Favourite Cucum­ber for a Pho­to shot

Niger­ian slay queen are tak­ing their game to the next lev­el by doing all man­ner of things just to get atten­tion and recog­ni­tion. A Yoru­ba slay queen, Grace Ogala, dis­plays her love for cucum­ber by pos­ing for a pho­to shoot hold­ing three cucum­ber on both hands and sit­ting on one mighty one.

We all know some girls have a thing for cucum­ber and car­rots, and don’t ask me what is that “thing”, if you know you know…

Accord­ing to her Face­book details, the lady in ques­tion is from Kwara State and a stu­dent of Uni­ver­si­ty of Lagos.

Here is a shot from Face­book

What’s are your thoughts on this?

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